Game Development

Roblox is a fun game and its name comes from two words – “robots” and “blocks”. The beta version was launched in 2004 and website created later in 2006. Though the time was different back then in digital world, the game has been in development ever since and it has gained a lot of popularity. In 2011, millions of people were already playing Roblox and a year later the development team launched their iOS version of it.

Since 2012 the game has been receiving a lot of updates and new features, which all have been keeping the game’s popularity high. In recent years it has been launched on different gaming consoles, including the Xbox One. There has been several changes to the Roblox game during the recent years, including the change of its currency in the game which is obviously one of the main things.

Robux is the currency right now and people are facing difficulties in getting it. Roblox is a 3D-game which gives players the experience of exploring, fighting and gathering resources. We believe this is one of the most exciting virtual adventures one could possibly face. Our team is here to help with the gameplay and give best opinion on how to achieve the goals.