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We always pay much attention to our visitors’ safety and privacy, therefore take all measures to keep them secured. Please go through the policy to find out more how we achieve it. Though we take good care of you, everyone browsing our site must realise that they are in charge of how they use our site and also responsible of the outcome.

Saving People’s Visit Time

Our site uses the web technology that saves visitor’s information about the particular visit. This includes reader’s IP address, visit time and length, browser and OS system. All this information is only used for web maintenance purposes and is never shared with anyone at all.

Placing Ads on Site

We have advertising partners that often show their ads on our site that is meant only to serve best offers to our readers. These ads may use browser cookies in order to show you more relevant information. If you do not want to see this, you can always turn off the cookies in your browser settings. Though this is only done for better experience, anyone has the chance to bypass it.

Linking to Other Sites

We may place links on our website that take the visitor to a separate website (also known as third party site) which has its own terms and privacy policy. Therefore we cannot guarantee our readers which experience exactly they get on these third party sites because we have no control of them. You need to pay attention to which site you go through the links on our web source.

Write to Us

In case you want to get more information about us, our site, the advertisings or third party links, you can always write to us by going to the Contact page on the upper menu. From there you can see our email, or submit the simple feedback form online.

Agree to Our Policy

You need to understand that in order to use our site and keep reading it, you need to accept our policy here. If you do not like what you see on this page, you may not use this site at all times.

The current page has been changed on January 19, 2017